Personal Data Processing Agreement

You agree to the processing of personal data by Ucoz Media LLC (ООО «Юкоз Медиа») in accordance with the Federal Law "On Personal Data." Personal data is provided by you voluntarily in order to obtain the information of interest about the products of Ucoz Media LLC.

Ucoz Media LLC processes personal data in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation and guarantees the safety of personal data, as well as the use of personal data solely for providing information about the company's products to the subjects of personal data in accordance with their expressed consent.

On the basis of the received consent, Ucoz Media LLC has the right to send information and advertising messages to the subjects of personal data using the data specified by them. If you do not agree to the personal data terms of use, please refrain from providing it on this page.

If you decide to withdraw your consent to the use of personal data, you need to notify Ucoz Media LLC about it by sending a message to the email address Upon receipt of the relevant notification from the subjects of personal data, Ucoz Media LLC shall discontinue the processing of their personal data.